Fall 2019 vacancies application

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The University of Waterloo respects, appreciates and encourages diversity. We are committed to fostering equitable learning and living environments for all students including women, Indigenous peoples, racialized people, persons with disabilities, gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals.

As some residence accommodations have shared private or semi-private spaces, we use the gender that you have identified on University of Waterloo records to assist with your room assignment.

You are welcome to contact Waterloo Residences if you have specific needs. We are committed to finding the right fit for you in a Waterloo Residences community.

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Housing Accommodations

Note: Depending on when you apply, we may not have spaces available to meet your needs.

If you require special housing accommodations as a result of a documented disability you will be required to complete a Housing Disability Verification form with your medical professional. Accessible Housing is available through Waterloo Residences and we encourage students to complete the registration process to help us understand your needs.

I will register with Accessible Housing

Our residence beds can accommodate students up to and including 6’4” or 193 cm. Only if you're taller than this, please check the box below.

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Meal plan

To learn more about meal plans, visit Food Services.
If you are placed in a traditional-style residence, you are required to purchase a Residence Meal Plan Allowance (RMPA).

If you are placed in a suite-style or hybrid residence, you can purchase an optional Value Plus Meal Plan Allowance (VPMP).