CLV-North Family Residence Application

Please ensure you meet the criteria of family housing and are able to provide the documentation outlined in the Family Housing Terms and Conditions before beginning this application.

Personal Information

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Date of Birth: (Year, Month, Day)
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Family Information

Marital Status:
Partner Information
 (required if not a single parent):
Last name, First name:
Date of Birth: (Year, Month, Day)
UWaterloo Student # (if applicable):
Degree pursuing:
Expected Graduation (Year, Month):
Child(ren) who will be living with me in Waterloo:
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Other Information:

Which degree are you pursuing?
When do you anticipate graduating (Year, Month)?
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Please confirm which document(s) you will be providing, as per the University of Waterloo’s Family Housing Terms and Conditions.
You are not yet required to submit your family eligibility documents – please wait until we have sent you a conditional offer
Marriage certificate
An affidavit testifying that you have been in a common-law relationship for at least one year PLUS a notarized shared lease, bank account, credit card or utility bill
Custody, separation or divorce documents
Adoption documents or birth/school registration information
If your spouse/child(ren) are not currently living with you, you must prove that he/she/they will be coming to live with you. In the case of family members who are out of the country, you must provide proof of visa documents and airline tickets for them before accommodation will be offered. Does this apply to you?

Special Accommodation Needs

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